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About myGreenlight

The Green Light. Whether you think of “greenlighting” a Hollywood movie, a traffic light granting your right-of-way, or the bright glow of thriving plant life illuminated by the sun, a green light signals progress and optimism for your future.
MyGreenlight, the online academy for relationship sciences, will help you realize your boldest aspirations for achievement and success.
Applied science for real personal gain.
As the premier online learning resource and graduate community for mastering applied relationship skills in business, myGreenlight gives you competitive professional advantage over the majority of your peers who merely network.
What you achieve in life is disproportionately driven by whom you know and the quality of the relationships you build with them - whether you can cultivate a critical mass of people who care about your success. At myGreenlight, relationship mastery isn’t won by simply amassing the most contacts on LinkedIn, or “friending” the most people on social networks. We will help you grow your network, but we give you the training and support to transform the right acquaintances and colleagues into true allies for mutual success. Your outreach becomes grounded in mindsets such as generosity, reciprocity, intimacy, and vulnerability, which lead to mutual trust and opportunity.
Enrolling in myGreenlight will give you the relationship building insights, tools, immersive exercises and total understanding to transform your network, winning you the support, mentorship and advocacy of others as you forge the life of success you always imagined.
Immersive learning for lifetime skills and durable habits, proven by Keith Ferrazzi.
Joining myGreenlight will immerse you in an expanding trove of relationship knowledge, rooted in the relationship mastery methods of Keith Ferrazzi, best-selling author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back. In his two best-selling books, Keith codified the observations, methods and rules he developed to overcome obscurity and limitations, propelling himself to a Fortune 500 career and a designation by Forbes as “the world’s most connected person.” myGreenlight is your opportunity to learn the techniques that Keith developed to build the web of relationships that never lets him fail.

Keith, along with his Never Eat Alone co-author Tahl Raz, Program Director Sara Grace, and Director of Digital Operations Craig Leinoff, founded myGreenlight to plant and proliferate the people skills that would allow others to create, cultivate, and perpetuate valuable relationships for a lifetime of professional achievement and satisfaction.

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About Keith Ferrazzi
When he was young, Keith Ferrazzi discovered a life rule that offers dramatic power to those who understand and use it wisely:
People who know the right people – for the right reasons – and use the power of these relationships to their fullest potential are those top one percenters who get ahead, achieve success and help others achieve their own success along the way.
Keith discovered this secret while caddying at a country club. As he observed the successful business people who hit the links to close a deal, he heard genuine conversations that transcended the word “business.”
Sure, these individuals talked about work, but they also asked questions about hobbies, families and upcoming vacations. He watched how they helped each other when someone needed a sounding board, a good lead or a job reference. Keith realized that reaching out to others benefitted both parties – himself and the other person. He committed himself to connecting authentically, bringing value to others and truly caring about them.
Today Keith Ferrazzi is the author of the #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller Who’s Got Your Back. He is the world’s foremost expert in relationship development. His first book, the national bestseller Never Eat Alone, transformed the way we think about professional networking and won him the title of “world’s most connected person” from Forbes and Inc.
As CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a consulting, training, and research firm, Ferrazzi counsels the world’s top enterprises on how to dramatically accelerate the development of business relationships to achieve corporate and individual goals. Earlier in his career, Ferrazzi was Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte Consulting, driving the company’s brand recognition as consultants from the lowest in the industry to a top spot. He served as CMO and head of sales at Starwood Hotels and Resorts before founding Ferrazzi Greenlight.

About Tahl Raz

Mygreenlight co-founder Tahl Raz met Keith – or more accurately, Keith reached out to Tahl – when the then-young reporter at Inc. magazine was searching for the "Michael Jordan of networking." The search resulted in the article that started it all, "10 Secrets of a Master Networker," which led to their collaboration on Never Eat Alone and today, myGreenlight.
Before launching myGreenlight, Raz was the cofounder and CEO of Jewcy, a multi-platform media company encompassing an online magazine, live events, off-Broadway theatre, and branded merchandise. Tahl's prior accomplishments include a stint as a reporter in the Middle East, a role helping launch a dot-com called MyPrimeTime, an on-air correspondence for an NPR-distributed radio show on digital culture, and a position as Senior Editor at Fortune Small Business. He was also named one of America's top 30 business journalists under the age of 30 by the trade publication TJFR.

MyGreenlight members can hear Tahl as the former host of the Social Capitalist podcast, a bimonthly interview series with the world's top relationship masters.

Build Powerful, Purposeful Relationships
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