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How do I view other participants’ mission reports?

A: Mission reports appear at the bottom of each Lesson page.

How do Lifeline groups work?

A: You are elegible to join and start Lifeline Groups as soon as you complete your first course, the Bootcamp. At that time, the Lifeline Group icon in the homepage sidebar will unlock. You can join other members’ groups, or start your own.

Lifeline Groups are peer coaching groups similar to “mastermind” groups. Your group members hold you accountable to your goals and support you through your myGreenlight journey. Peer coaching and accountability has been proven in many studies to be the most significant success factor in sustained behavioral change and successful training.

Each Lifeline Group has a group page where members can converse, share mission reports, and complete a weekly accountability check-in. Interaction outside the site is optional but recommended, and to be determined by your group itself.

If I find a resource helpful can I share it with other people outside of myGreenlight?

We are happy to have you share information outside of the program but we ask that you be respectful of copyright if republishing in anything other than your own blog. Also, on any call where someone’s name is mentioned, be considerate and keep confidential information inside the myGreenlight community. We can help edit call recordings if there is a strong reason and a specific audience you want to share with - so please contact us if needed.

Where can I find additional resources?

There are audio/video recordings, masterclasses, outreach samples and templates, PDF articles, and MP3 recordings of previous calls all located in the Library.

How do I utilize the Forums?

You can interact and comment on other members’ links by hitting “reply” under their posting or you can begin you own “thread” by going into the Forums tab and selecting a topic and then yellow “create thread” button at top of page.

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Please call Brian Frankel at (310) 444-0049 x415 or use the form on the left to submit a support ticket regarding "Enterprise Sales."

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