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I have something interesting to share, can I contribute to the blog?

We love having members contribute! Please email our associate community manager and work with her to see if your topic is a fit for what we’re looking for. We are especially interested in members’ success stories: How did myGreenlight help you create success against specific goals?

Where do I find the myGreenlight blog?

There is a tab at the top of your menu bar and there is a “Blog” icon on each lesson page that will take you directly to the blog.

I have reached out to my Lifeline group and haven’t gotten a response. What should I do?

Keep reaching out. This is what accountability is all about! If you continue to not get a response it might be time to let an Ambassador in on the problem. It is the whole group’s responsibility to keep the group moving.

How do Lifeline groups work?

Lifeline Groups hold you accountable to your goals and support you through your RMA journey; peer coaching and accountability has been proven in many studies to be the most signficant success factor in sustained behavioral change and successful training.

Each Lifeline Group has a group page where members can converse, share mission reports, and complete a weekly accountability check-in. Interaction outside the site is optional but recommended, and to be determined by your group itself. You reach your Lifeline group by clicking the GROUPS tab.

Enterprise Sales

Please call Brian Frankel at (310) 444-0049 x415 or use the form on the left to submit a support ticket regarding "Enterprise Sales."

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