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Christine Comaford: Social Capitalist (Live)

Dec 08 2011 - 12:00pm - 12:45pm EST

About the Coach: Tahl Raz

Description of topics covered:

Bill Gates calls her “super high bandwidth.” Bill Clinton has thanked her for “fostering American entrepreneurship.” On Christine Comaford's own website she poses the following question: "Why have 2 American Presidents, 4 billionaires, 700 Fortune 1000 executives, and more than 300 entrepreneurs sought coaching from Christine Comaford Associates?" You'll get the answer from Comaford, whose other striking accomplishments include: bestselling author and a seven year stint as a Buddhist monk. Tahl and Christine discussed: - Networking secrets she learned from Bill Clinton - How to use neuroscience to sell better - 3 ways to fast forward your career and personal goals - 4 essential ways to boost your credibility and build rapport with power players

Call-in information:

Click here then click the "playback" button to watch the Webex recording.

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