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James Altucher: Social Capitalist (Live)

Oct 06 2011 - 12:00pm - 12:45pm EDT

About the Coach: Tahl Raz

Description of topics covered:

James Altucher is the managing director of Formula Capital, an asset management firm and fund of hedge funds. Mr. Altucher is the founder of, a social network for finance that had millions of unique visitors per month when it was sold to in 2007. He blogs for the Huffington Post, has written over 200 columns for The Financial Times, and has written for, Forbes, Yahoo Finance,, and other publications. Altucher regularly appears on CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN Radio, and is also in his spare time a nationally ranked chess master. Altucher has written several books on investing, as well as, a very personal account about his experiences with success, failure and life in general in two books, How to be the Luckiest Person Alive and I Once Was Blind, But Now I See. They discussed: • Personal branding in the social media era • Being your authentic self despite the status quo to conform • Strategies for managing success and failure in your career

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