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Patty Azzarello: Social Capitalist (Skills Session)

May 17 2012 (All day)

About the Coach: Sara Grace

Description of topics covered:

Patty Azzarello built her career as a successful Silicon Valley executive on a rich foundation of social capital. She was the youngest GM at Hewlett Packard at 33, the head of a $1 bil software business at 35, and a CEO at 38. In her fantastic new book Rise: 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader, and Liking Your Life, she shares the many secrets that made this stratospheric rise not just possible, but deeply satisfying. Patty’s Skills Session is focused on the skills and tactics needed to “sell” yourself inside your organization – an important facet of building a strong internal network that supports you and propels you forward. Among other great takeaways, you’ll learn: why “follow your passion” can be career- and soul-destroying advice, and what to do instead; the two-step personal branding secret that quickly established her husband as a superstar at his new company; and how the world’s most respected executives make it seem like they know all the answers, even when they don’t.

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