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In our supportive, self-service program, you will work through a backbone curriculum, beginning with the Relationship Boot Camp, then graduating to training for your Relationship Action Plan, and finally moving on to a third course, Relationship Mastery, to prove you can lead with generosity and be a contributor to your community.

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Give and get compelling value for mutual achievement.

Each core course in myGreenlight is comprised of 10- to 12-learning sessions, featuring insightful video training, instructive articles, and assigned “missions” that guide you into new social behaviors perhaps outside your comfort zone but soon to be ingrained in your social habits.

You will have access to an extensive library of blogs, white papers, tips, research notes, coaching resources and tools for assessing your relationship aptitude and expertise. New elective and refresher courses will debut regularly to further broaden our curriculum and keep you moving forward. Then, alumni and myGreenlight students alike mix in an expanding community of successful business professionals with whom you can build powerful, reciprocal relationships – the kind of relationships you’ve always needed but felt were out of reach.

myGreenlight will teach and continuously reinforce the relationship skills you need to maximize achievement and opportunity in your life, through the convenience of online learning from every screen on the Web. Enroll in myGreenlight to greenlight your future, today.

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